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Organic superior olive oils

Torbole, Lake Garda, Trentino, Italy

Fresh, delicious and healthy

Treat yourself, your friends and your family to a delicious, exclusive and extremely healthy organic
olive oil of the best quality. Our superior olive oils, produced with a lot of heart and soul, will give you and your loved ones great pleasure.

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Olio Ora

We owe the unique taste of our organic extra virgin olive oil to the forest floor and thermal winds. Our organic olive groves are situated high above Lake Garda in the middle of nature. The olive trees are spoiled with sun and lots of wind, and also enjoy a unique view. No wonder one can obtain a unique, fresh and bright green olive oil.


Thanks to optimal conditions with enough rain, a hot and very dry summer combined with the right harvest time, we are now able to offer two pure high-quality products "Casaliva Organic" and
"Leccino Organic"

Production (pressing, filtering, bottling)

This year we worked intensively with one of the best manufacturers (top 20 worldwide) and optimized the production process once again. The olives were pressed, filtered and bottled in a high-tech plant at max. 24 degrees under exclusion of oxygen. The shelf life is thereby extended, and the quality maximized.

Quality, Tasting

We also achieved excellent analytical results for the year harvest. With 590 polyphenols, we are among the best producers in the region. Our oil received further recognition during a blind tasting competition by several star chefs. Try it for yourself! We are convinced that you will also be pleasantly surprised.

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Unique spicy aroma, fresh and fruity, grassy, slightly bitter
«Casaliva Organic»
Single variety
Fruity, intense spicy notes
«Leccino Organic»
Single variety
Fruity, slightly tender spiciness
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Casaliva Organic
Casaliva – 100ml – CHF 9.40
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Casaliva Organic – 250ml – CHF 17.80
CHF 17.80
Leccino Organic
Leccino – 100ml – CHF 9.40
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Leccino Organic – 250ml – CHF 17.80
CHF 17.80
CHF 17.80
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